[English] Abductions DevBlog July 31th 2015 – Mood Tests


Howdly earthlings.

Our Abductions Devblog posts were not that regular as we would like in the past due to the chaotic that our development process can be sometimes. But, thankfully, this situation was changing a lot in the last months and our team, our schedule and our development process became more and more stable.

That’s why here were are retaking this devblog so you can be updated regarding our work conquering the Earth. Today I want to tell you about how we work in search of the perfect mood for Abductions and, also, share with you a short video.

In search for the perfect mood

Since our team does remote work from every member’s houser or office, its common in our day-to-day to be sharing videos and screenshots a lot while making calls for analyze what we are doing. The constant feedback and communication is key in the search for the perfect mood.

We count of course with Concept Art and lots of aesthetic references that points us a north but, when the time for applying everything in a real time engine arrives, you usually face with details and situations where you need to rethink and explore the original idea. Its obvious but, photos, illustrations are something a completely different to a real-time scene.

In Abductions we look to achieve the feeling of alien horror, the vulnerable house, the intruder in your room. Some movies (like Incident in Lake County) achieve that same mood thanks to the POV technique, that became so trendy after the Blair Witch Project.

Sometimes, in our exploration, we do stuff like what we are sharing in the next video: to record a footage from realtime gameplay but, instead of use a screen capturing software, we use an actual camera to record the screen. In this case , we used an iphone camera to record someone moving around ingame in the laptop. With this, we can emulate the “horror movie that pretends to be a real case” feeling in our own content. With this kind of conceptualizations, we are being able to have a clearest vision of what we need to do in engine to achieve the effect.

The next video runs in real time inside Unreal Engine 4 editor. Its not about gameplay details (soon!), but an example of videos we use internally to test and improve the mood the feeling and many other things in Abductions.



Algunas Referencias 



From Movie Incident in Lake County


A “real footage” video on youtube


Kojima`s PT Demo


From Movie Incident in Lake County



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