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Hello, everyone! I took a moment today to answer some comments and questions you left us on our social networks. Some of them are months old, but we wanted you to know we read all of them and we care.

Also, I thought this may be a good way to share our progress on development and ideas. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us on our Facebook page or any of the Twitter accounts (mine or the Totwise’s -which is still giving its first steps-).


Support comments











Just thank you! Abductions is a game we do with a lot of effort and words like these motivate us every day.


Launch date and platforms


This is a valid question and I completely understand it… and yet, I hate it. I’m sorry. Our original plan was to launch the game on mid-2015, but we had to pause the development a couple of times. Until we have a financial security that allows us to dedicate all of our time to the planned development, this question is a bit of a pain in the ass and hits directly in our pride. Don’t think we’re not committed to the project… the team and I stay awake for days on a coffee diet sometimes, even if we all have families. We love this project that much.

I can only confirm that all our effort is focused on releasing the game soon. Maybe close to year-end or early the next year. Abductions is not meant to be a huge development, but our first game as a studio, an opportunity to lay the groundwork, so lengthening the development is not our plan. There’s a lot of stuff we are willing to release: The Hum, the novels, some VR experiences, some non-VR experiences… but our goal today is to survive as a studio and, as some of you may know, it’s not an easy task.

Regarding the platforms, PC is an obvious one and confirmed. PC means Steam too. Playstation 4 is the other platform we can confirm.

We hope we can count on a financial support soon, which would also allow us to be more specific on dates and even more committed. We are giving the best of us!


Silent Hills PT, with Aliens.


On August 2014, I went to Gamescom (Germany) and showed some prototypes of The Hum (The Alien Invasion Simulator). People loved it but I knew it was a very big project, and really ambitious for one person. Even for a small team. I had been thinking about starting a smaller project based on the same universe as The Hum I’ve been creating for years.

During the same Gamescom, PT Demo was showed. I had been thinking on creating something like Abductions for a while, but I thought it was going to be extremely simple or just dumb in concept. Why to create a game so small that it would be more like an achviz than a complete game? I wasn’t sure if a small scenary, but visually striking and with a horror gameplay would work. Kojima and his PT Demo cleared every doubt, so, after the Gamescom, I began thinking on how to make this.

We can see a lot of people who’s been inspired by the PT Demo premise (like the guys from Allison Road -we love it, by the way-): a house with stunning graphics and some horror elements. But, even if based in a similar premise, gameplay, art direction and even the ambientation don’t need to be the same. A simple premise, when used correctly, usually is trendsetter on this industry.


The phobia, the grays.


I usually get comments from people telling me the gray alien is more like a little funny guy, instead of something scary. “You get scared the fuck off with a huge monster covered on blood with spikes all over his body”. There’s not much to say about this. Not everyone will understand what fear of aliens feels like. For many people, just seeing an image of a Gray would give them goosebumps.

This game will mean a lot to all these people. I hope it’s for good and I want you to know you’re not alone.


Sound Design and the “NO” from the trailer.


The Abductions trailer we released on January / February was something we made in a few days and it was intended to show my idea of the game, that game about aliens and abdutions inspired in my own phobia which would be a spinoff from the The Hum Universe. We didn’t have many resources, so we just used what we had at our fingertips.

The famous sound of Holly yelling “NO!” -which is annoyingly repeated- is not but a free sound we grabbed from the Internet that actually said something like “No! Don’t tell me that, please!” (??). With a bit of edition, I repeated it a couple of times so it would fit on the trailer’s context.

Not long after that, our Lead Audio Designer joined the project. He simply sent us a video with his audio re-work. That was his presentation letter. We loved it! That, coupled with his previous experience meant a self-addition to the team. This re-work was made under his own criteria. That’s why you can hear monster-style or liquid-like sounds which are not part of the alien ambience we fear. Those sound ruin the athmosphere a bit, but it was the begining of an excelent mutual collaboration.

The final sound design will be supervised regarding alien topic,  so people who hate and love the alien theme are not disappointed.




McPherson and other inspirations


It’s clear that people who have a phobia to aliens have seen at least one traumatic movie as a child. Or not: it’s possible that phobia comes from real abductions.

Whatever the case is, a clear inspiration for Abductions is The McPherson Tape. I avoided watching it for years. Many friends (not all of them fans of aliens) mentioned it as something that ruined their brains and kept them away from sleeping for days. I waited to be an adult to see it. If you fear aliens, it’s one of the most terrifying movies you can watch. It’s not a miracle of cinema, but.. it has aliens. Grays. If you think they’re funny, then I guess you will think the movie it’s just ridiculous. But, even with that, some people who saw it while laughing, admitted to be shocked in some point.

More clear inspirations: The War of the Worlds (H. G. Wells), Fire in the Sky, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and… many more.


Unreal Engine 4



Contrary to what the first comment from the picture says, the “old” Abductions trailer only uses dynamic lightning in Unreal Engine 4. There’s no global illumination nor bounce lightning with Baked Indirect Lightning.

Anyway, it’s an approach that causes performance and quality problems. Our abilities on handling Unreal Engine 4 as a team improved a lot in the last months and you will notice it in the final results.

The comparison between Unreal Engine 4 and Fox Engine is hard for me to do because I never touched Fox Engine. What I can say is that comparing what a twenty-people team in PT Demo with what only two of us did in ten days wouldn’t follow the right criteria.

But, besides being “wannabes”, we have the goal of reaching the PT quality standard some day. It’s our dream to be pokemon masters at similar or better levels than the bests of the world. Unreal Engine 4 is unquestionably an engine that, in hands of the right people, does amazing stuff (and that’s why we love it).




извините за скучным


Will there be a demo? The Hum Universe client SUCKS.


It’s possible for an Abductions demo to be released, but, because of the nature of the game (short, small scenary, narrative-type) it’s hard to think on a demo that does justice and doesn’t spoil the story at the same time. Anyway, we’re thinking about releasing a public demo later.

Regarding the The Hum Universe client, we really had many problems with it. Our idea was to make things easier and it backfired us. It’s all about the experience and we’re going to improve it until you feel extremely happy by just clicking its icon.



Hopefully some millionaire will tell us this…


A great team


Thank you! Abductions is getting better all the time thanks to the great effort and commitment of the whole team, not just mine. So, all the credits to them!


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    Nice post guys. It’s updated !! …

    thanks 🙂

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    Thank you for taking your time to answer our questions! Keep the great work team!

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