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Abductions Update – Status and Future?

Hey friends,

I’m  writing this as an update for the development status of The Hum:Abductions.Despite the ideas that people have about the developers of Abductions, the reality is that the game is being created by “the dev”. Yep, just me. Although, I’ve received help of different people along the road (and the experience was a fruitful), I am the only dedicated person working on the game.

The lack of updates in the last year have been due to personal problems (including health related issues) which prohibited me from doing many things for a while. I have also relocated to New Zealand (from Argentina) as I was offered a full time job there. The experience overall here has been very good, and due to the aforementioned problems, it made sense for me to accept the new job offer.

So… does this mean that the game is dead? I would say it’s in a moribund state, but never giving up, since I’m still working on it.

What I want to achieve

I spent a lot of time improving the idea and game design during the period where I couldn’t work on the game code or other technical aspects. I’m very happy with the improved game design and story after all the months I’ve spent thinking about that.

Many horror games focus on “jump scares”, “gore shit”, “spooky monsters/ghost/zombies”, and some use a combination of these. Although I’m not a fan of horror games per se, I do have strong personal feelings about the Alien Abductions theme. As a game developer and gamer, I have always wanted a game which approaches this topic in the “ufological” way.

Abductions started in my mind as something unrelated to The Hum Universe, which is a fictional universe I was creating as a hobby during different periods of my life (you can find more about the novels in my page, just in spanish by the moment..). However, at some point, I wanted to link Abductions to The Hum Universe in order to provide a lore behind it and also to create unity between the two products

When I was a kid, I needed to take care of my great grandmother. I spent my nights sleeping in her house and I stayed up late reading books, magazines, and playing games. Between the books and magazines, I found many related to ufology. A bizarre feeling of fear and curiosity arose as a result of the stories of the room visitors, road abductions, experiments on people that claimed to be abducted, the hypnosis used to remember experiences, the mind manipulation, etc.

On those nights, I started to think about how unprotected beings we could be against a race with superior technology and, mostly, with vast superior intellectual abilities. For me, thinking about being mind controlled and experimented, was even more scary than the death itself. What kind of inexplicable things can they do to us in those situations?

This also destroyed one of the most common human egocentric thoughts: “We are the most superior specie in the world/universe”. In some way, we feel secure and protected by that statement. But breaking it makes us feel totally exposed.

I don’t think I’m being capable of transmitting the feeling I have related to these aliens, but I’m sure that many people can understand it easily.

This is what I want to achieve with Abductions.

If you want some obvious references of the mood I’m after of… X-Files, McPherson Tape, Fire in The Sky, The Roswell Case, Orson Welles’ The WotW, El Eternauta, etc..

Using Real Stories I heard..?

Argentina, the country in which I lived almost all of my life, is full of alien stories. I’ve heard tons of them from people around, including family, friends and just random people I met. Some of these stories are very simple, still frightening, and some others are more “unrealistic” but still interesting.

I’ve decided to pay tribute to all these stories in the game, and include them in some way.

Virtual Reality or non Virtual Reality…

As many of you might know, I’m a huge fan of Virtual Reality. I even got some money in the past to do VR stuff related to The Hum Universe so I tried to stick with it.

But, now, it’s being obvious that the VR market is still not a thing for content creators. Futhermore, even if there are players that actually want to see this game just for VR, most of you ask for a no-vr classical version.

To be honest, trying to support both VR and not VR comes with lots of limitations and, of course, an increased development cost. By the moment, I’ve decided to start with a no-VR version and then add vr support in the future, if the game deserves it.

Another thing that discouraged me was the argentinean customs office. Both Epic Games and Valve gifted to me with HTC Vive for development (thanks!), and both of them got stuck in argentinean customs. Yep, it sucks, A LOT. I could use a borrowed one for a while (thanks D. Benmergui!), but at the end, it was not easy to do a proper development without my own ones. I could finally receive one from Epic after a while by doing shitty tricks like sending it to a friend in NZ first, then sending it back to a friend’s house that was travelling to Argentina and asking him to bring it with me. For that moment, I was already involved in personal issues and the project was definitely already slowed down.

However, This pause helped me to rethink the whole gameplay for better.  I finished up deciding that focusing in no-vr will help me to do all what I wanted to do. And yes, I still believe in VR and love it.

So.. what can you expect from the gameplay?

Exploration, some cinematic parts and spooky things.

I was creating some secondary objectives, like “collecting” the real world stories I heard, or figuring out personal things of the Sanders family. I want to make from the game an experience to be lived and not a movie to be played, not something that is running on rails.

Thankfully I could spend lots of time in thinking the actual game design, and I trust that it will help to the final result when the game finally sees the light.

But.. how is the development going on…?

It’s moving slowly.. I’m prototyping most of stuff, and all the art parts are still not there (except the art that was already created time ago).

I’m creating the game design, code and 3D art of the game. That, as you can image, is a lot of work!

The game was being developed in Unreal Engine 4. Some people offered me to help in the project but they always said “oh, that’s sad, if it was made in Unity I could help a lot, but I don’t know too much about UE4”. Also, each time I could spend some money in a freelancer or contractor, I found it was way harder to find someone for UE4 than Unity.

This doesn’t mean that I will switch to Unity.. but.. maybe? It’s not decided yet. My love for UE4 is strong, but I also want to be realistic and finish the game someday.

When I can expect the game to be finished?

Honestly, I cannot answer this. I’ll be looking for funding for sure, but even without it, I’ll continue working on the game as a part time project.

Some people suggested a Kickstarter campaign, but I’m afraid that it’s not that easy nowadays to get it work.  Furthermore , it comes with more complications (rewards, money asked not being enough, cost of the campaign… etc).

Maybe, at some point, I’ll go back to some publishers that, in the past,  were interested in the project but didn’t like the idea of doing VR.

We’ll see with time!

Thanks to all the supporters

As final words, I cannot believe the amount of good vibes I was receiving even when I was not publishing updates.

From messages asking for the game, to comments like “this will be the best game ever” or “a master piece” (really??), to continuous appearances in “best incoming horror games” kinda lists. This is really amazing, and, often, it’s not easy to me to understand that there are people actually waiting for the game, it’s scary and exciting at the same time. Thank you very much, to all of you.

I also received some comments (behind my backs) from some random guys in the gaming industry like… “this is not a game, just trailers”, “he cannot do games, just good trailers”, etc. Thanks to you too guys, knowing that my trailers can generate something good in the audience, even if there is no game yet, it’s something that also encourages me. I hope I can bring the same feeling to the game.

That’s all, this was a long text, but I needed to make it clear like this.

If you read everything.. wow thank you! 


Extracto de Tales of Anubis, de The Hum Universe

{Extract from Tales of Anubis, The Hum Universe, in Spanish}
[Extracto de Tales of Anubis, de The Hum Universe]

Aún se encontraba confundido por el arma que usaron para aturdirlo, innecesariamente, pues él no había ofrecido resistencia alguna. Agotado, abrió los ojos. En la oscuridad pudo discernir sus pequeños y descalzos pies.

Comenzó a levantar la mirada lentamente. Sabía que era su destino, lo había visto dibujado en el fuego místico aquella primera vez, siglos antes, cuando había pasado semanas sentado en el Monte Capraktos. Esos recuerdos del quinto planeta del sistema xA23b, hoy eran muy lejanos, escondidos entre la bruma de la niebla de los recuerdos, las guerras,los conflictos y su soledad, incluso rodeado de sus fieles compañeros.

Sí, allí, en ese primer fuego, pudo observar sus destino. Su cabeza se elevaba con aceptación, y mucha nostalgia. La gran habitación era oscura y totalmente opaca, pues se consideraba que lo que allí sucedía debía estar aislado de las cosas del mundo.

Sus ojos veían solo oscuridad al elevar su mirada, pero su corazón recordó miles de instantes. El núcleo y su zumbido, los squartles saltarines, la matrona y su místico comportamiento y amor, el frío Monte Capraktos, que los nativos llamaban las Costillas de Dios, su encuentro con Abaraz, los 3 soles y su cálido cantar, la Guerra de los Tres Reinos, en donde conoció a Tot, que tanto haría por él, la construcción de La Citadela, su hogar durante los últimos 2 milenios y en la que viajaría por toda la Galaxia, el ascenso del autoproclamado El Unico, la Batalla de los Sonidos….

Su destino estaba grabado y sellado en fuego, un fuego del que no podía escapar, y del que ya había aprendido a dejar de intentarlo. Sabía que Tot iba a tener mucho trabajo por delante, pero eso no era problema alguno. Confiaba en él más que en nadie en el universo. Había superado sus enseñanzas hacía rato, había comenzado un trabajo que nadie más podía cumplir y estaba embarcado en un viaje, una batalla, que nadie más podía combatir.

Quizás por eso, cuando terminó de levantar la mirada, fue su rostro el primero en discernir, entre los cientos de la Sala del Juicio.

UFO Ambience – Abductions: Dev Blog Update August 18th

Hey my human friends!

We were really busy these last days and we have lots of news and surprises for the next days and weeks. So… don’t forget to stay tuned!

But, in the meanwhile…

It’s not a secret that I really love the alien, UFOs and Abductions ambience (duh!), so , I just made a couple of minutes ago a really quick in-engine footage to share with you. Enjoy!


Because Rain loves Mysteries

Hey my human friends!

We missed our post update the last Friday. But for us, the people without weekends, Mondays and Fridays are basically the same. And that’s why, instead of waiting to the next Friday for an update for this DevBlog, we are just posting something quick today.

While Eliseo and Ariel, our two human Developers are diving into C++ trying to make some magic happens, the other earthlings in the team were doing different stuff from the art side. And one of those stuff is what we want to share with you today.

Rain over the Windows

First, a video.


As you can see, the video shows not other thing than a rain effect with rain drop over the windows running inside the Unreal Engine 4 Editor. When we decided that a rainy scene in Abductions would be cool enough for one part of the game, we put a generic Rain FX we found over there. Then Mauricio just panicked with the idea of having that rain effect as a final art and spent a couple of hours doing something really better.

His technique is actually pretty simple. He made a Rain Drop “animated movie” with AfterEffects. He exported that as an animated texture and then he made a material with that animated texture plus some normal and reflection maps. That, with the addition of a particle system for the actual rain made a really nice effect. I’m pretty sure that Mauricio will change it tons of times before consider the effect as a final version to use, but we wanted to share it anyways!


Of course, a good rain is never completed with the corresponding Rain Sound Effect that Jonathan Wachoru did for the occasion. We are creating a nice sound system but that’s for another post!



[English] Abductions DevBlog July 31th 2015 – Mood Tests


Howdly earthlings.

Our Abductions Devblog posts were not that regular as we would like in the past due to the chaotic that our development process can be sometimes. But, thankfully, this situation was changing a lot in the last months and our team, our schedule and our development process became more and more stable.

That’s why here were are retaking this devblog so you can be updated regarding our work conquering the Earth. Today I want to tell you about how we work in search of the perfect mood for Abductions and, also, share with you a short video.

In search for the perfect mood

Since our team does remote work from every member’s houser or office, its common in our day-to-day to be sharing videos and screenshots a lot while making calls for analyze what we are doing. The constant feedback and communication is key in the search for the perfect mood.

We count of course with Concept Art and lots of aesthetic references that points us a north but, when the time for applying everything in a real time engine arrives, you usually face with details and situations where you need to rethink and explore the original idea. Its obvious but, photos, illustrations are something a completely different to a real-time scene.

In Abductions we look to achieve the feeling of alien horror, the vulnerable house, the intruder in your room. Some movies (like Incident in Lake County) achieve that same mood thanks to the POV technique, that became so trendy after the Blair Witch Project.

Sometimes, in our exploration, we do stuff like what we are sharing in the next video: to record a footage from realtime gameplay but, instead of use a screen capturing software, we use an actual camera to record the screen. In this case , we used an iphone camera to record someone moving around ingame in the laptop. With this, we can emulate the “horror movie that pretends to be a real case” feeling in our own content. With this kind of conceptualizations, we are being able to have a clearest vision of what we need to do in engine to achieve the effect.

The next video runs in real time inside Unreal Engine 4 editor. Its not about gameplay details (soon!), but an example of videos we use internally to test and improve the mood the feeling and many other things in Abductions.



Algunas Referencias 



From Movie Incident in Lake County


A “real footage” video on youtube


Kojima`s PT Demo


From Movie Incident in Lake County



[Español] Abductions DevBlog July 7th 2015 – Pruebas de Ambientación


Hola mis queridos terrícolas. Nuestros posteos en este Devblog de Abductions no han sido de lo más regulares dado lo caótico de nuestro proceso de desarrollo en algunos momento. Afortunadamente, eso cambió bastante en los ultimos meses y nuestro equipo, schedule y forma de trabajo se estabilizaron muchísimo.

Por eso, acá estamos retomando nuestro devblog para que estén al día de nuestro trabajo en pos de invadir y conquistar La Tierra. Hoy les quiero contar sobre cómo trabajamos en la búsqueda de una ambientación ideal en las escenas de Abduction y compartirles un pequeño video.

En búsqueda de la ambientación perfecta

Dado que nosotros trabajamos en remoto, cada uno desde su casa/oficina, es cotidiano que nos pasemos videos, screenshots y hagamos llamadas compartiendo pantalla para analizar lo que estamos haciendo. El feedback interno es importantisimo para iterar en búsqueda de la ambientación perfecta.

Como todo juego, contamos con Concept Art y muchas referencias de a dónde uno quiere llegar pero, a la hora de desarrollar y poner en práctica las ideas, uno se encuentra con detalles, imperfecciones o incluso ideas que es necesario adapatar, cambiar o mejorar. No es lo mismo una foto o ilustración que una escena real time dentro del engine.

En Abductions buscamos la sensación del terror alienígena, la casa desprotegida, el intruso impune. Algunas peliculas como Incident in Lake County generan una ambientación que queremos también lograr gracias al estilo de filmación pov (camara en mano) que se hizo tan famoso por Blair Witch Project.

En ocasiones, para ayudarnos en la búsqueda, podemos hacer cosas como la que mostramos en el video de este post: grabar un footage del engine pero no capturando la pantalla con un software, sino externamente con una cámara, en este caso de un teléfono celular. El resultado es ese feeling de “pelicula de terror que pretende ser un caso real” que esta armado sobre algo que nosotros mismos hicimos. Este tipo de conceptualizacion nos deja tener una visión clara de qué queremos luego lograr ingame.

Lo que se ve en el siguiente video corre real time dentro de Unreal Engine 4. No muestra detalles del gameplay (pronto mostraremos!), ya que es un ejemplo de los videos y pruebas internas que realizamos en nuestra exploración.


Algunas Referencias 



From Movie Incident in Lake County


A “real footage” video on youtube


Kojima`s PT Demo


From Movie Incident in Lake County



[English] Abductions: Q&A From Social Media

(Here, the Spanish Version)

Hello, everyone! I took a moment today to answer some comments and questions you left us on our social networks. Some of them are months old, but we wanted you to know we read all of them and we care.

Also, I thought this may be a good way to share our progress on development and ideas. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us on our Facebook page or any of the Twitter accounts (mine or the Totwise’s -which is still giving its first steps-).


Support comments











Just thank you! Abductions is a game we do with a lot of effort and words like these motivate us every day.


Launch date and platforms


This is a valid question and I completely understand it… and yet, I hate it. I’m sorry. Our original plan was to launch the game on mid-2015, but we had to pause the development a couple of times. Until we have a financial security that allows us to dedicate all of our time to the planned development, this question is a bit of a pain in the ass and hits directly in our pride. Don’t think we’re not committed to the project… the team and I stay awake for days on a coffee diet sometimes, even if we all have families. We love this project that much.

I can only confirm that all our effort is focused on releasing the game soon. Maybe close to year-end or early the next year. Abductions is not meant to be a huge development, but our first game as a studio, an opportunity to lay the groundwork, so lengthening the development is not our plan. There’s a lot of stuff we are willing to release: The Hum, the novels, some VR experiences, some non-VR experiences… but our goal today is to survive as a studio and, as some of you may know, it’s not an easy task.

Regarding the platforms, PC is an obvious one and confirmed. PC means Steam too. Playstation 4 is the other platform we can confirm.

We hope we can count on a financial support soon, which would also allow us to be more specific on dates and even more committed. We are giving the best of us!


Silent Hills PT, with Aliens.


On August 2014, I went to Gamescom (Germany) and showed some prototypes of The Hum (The Alien Invasion Simulator). People loved it but I knew it was a very big project, and really ambitious for one person. Even for a small team. I had been thinking about starting a smaller project based on the same universe as The Hum I’ve been creating for years.

During the same Gamescom, PT Demo was showed. I had been thinking on creating something like Abductions for a while, but I thought it was going to be extremely simple or just dumb in concept. Why to create a game so small that it would be more like an achviz than a complete game? I wasn’t sure if a small scenary, but visually striking and with a horror gameplay would work. Kojima and his PT Demo cleared every doubt, so, after the Gamescom, I began thinking on how to make this.

We can see a lot of people who’s been inspired by the PT Demo premise (like the guys from Allison Road -we love it, by the way-): a house with stunning graphics and some horror elements. But, even if based in a similar premise, gameplay, art direction and even the ambientation don’t need to be the same. A simple premise, when used correctly, usually is trendsetter on this industry.


The phobia, the grays.


I usually get comments from people telling me the gray alien is more like a little funny guy, instead of something scary. “You get scared the fuck off with a huge monster covered on blood with spikes all over his body”. There’s not much to say about this. Not everyone will understand what fear of aliens feels like. For many people, just seeing an image of a Gray would give them goosebumps.

This game will mean a lot to all these people. I hope it’s for good and I want you to know you’re not alone.


Sound Design and the “NO” from the trailer.


The Abductions trailer we released on January / February was something we made in a few days and it was intended to show my idea of the game, that game about aliens and abdutions inspired in my own phobia which would be a spinoff from the The Hum Universe. We didn’t have many resources, so we just used what we had at our fingertips.

The famous sound of Holly yelling “NO!” -which is annoyingly repeated- is not but a free sound we grabbed from the Internet that actually said something like “No! Don’t tell me that, please!” (??). With a bit of edition, I repeated it a couple of times so it would fit on the trailer’s context.

Not long after that, our Lead Audio Designer joined the project. He simply sent us a video with his audio re-work. That was his presentation letter. We loved it! That, coupled with his previous experience meant a self-addition to the team. This re-work was made under his own criteria. That’s why you can hear monster-style or liquid-like sounds which are not part of the alien ambience we fear. Those sound ruin the athmosphere a bit, but it was the begining of an excelent mutual collaboration.

The final sound design will be supervised regarding alien topic,  so people who hate and love the alien theme are not disappointed.




McPherson and other inspirations


It’s clear that people who have a phobia to aliens have seen at least one traumatic movie as a child. Or not: it’s possible that phobia comes from real abductions.

Whatever the case is, a clear inspiration for Abductions is The McPherson Tape. I avoided watching it for years. Many friends (not all of them fans of aliens) mentioned it as something that ruined their brains and kept them away from sleeping for days. I waited to be an adult to see it. If you fear aliens, it’s one of the most terrifying movies you can watch. It’s not a miracle of cinema, but.. it has aliens. Grays. If you think they’re funny, then I guess you will think the movie it’s just ridiculous. But, even with that, some people who saw it while laughing, admitted to be shocked in some point.

More clear inspirations: The War of the Worlds (H. G. Wells), Fire in the Sky, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and… many more.


Unreal Engine 4



Contrary to what the first comment from the picture says, the “old” Abductions trailer only uses dynamic lightning in Unreal Engine 4. There’s no global illumination nor bounce lightning with Baked Indirect Lightning.

Anyway, it’s an approach that causes performance and quality problems. Our abilities on handling Unreal Engine 4 as a team improved a lot in the last months and you will notice it in the final results.

The comparison between Unreal Engine 4 and Fox Engine is hard for me to do because I never touched Fox Engine. What I can say is that comparing what a twenty-people team in PT Demo with what only two of us did in ten days wouldn’t follow the right criteria.

But, besides being “wannabes”, we have the goal of reaching the PT quality standard some day. It’s our dream to be pokemon masters at similar or better levels than the bests of the world. Unreal Engine 4 is unquestionably an engine that, in hands of the right people, does amazing stuff (and that’s why we love it).




извините за скучным


Will there be a demo? The Hum Universe client SUCKS.


It’s possible for an Abductions demo to be released, but, because of the nature of the game (short, small scenary, narrative-type) it’s hard to think on a demo that does justice and doesn’t spoil the story at the same time. Anyway, we’re thinking about releasing a public demo later.

Regarding the The Hum Universe client, we really had many problems with it. Our idea was to make things easier and it backfired us. It’s all about the experience and we’re going to improve it until you feel extremely happy by just clicking its icon.



Hopefully some millionaire will tell us this…


A great team


Thank you! Abductions is getting better all the time thanks to the great effort and commitment of the whole team, not just mine. So, all the credits to them!

[Español] Abductions: Q&A From Social Media

(English version here)

¡Buenas! Me tomé un ratito este domingo para responder y participar un poco en comentarios y preguntas. Algunas datan de meses atrás… pero igualmente querían que supieran que las leemos y nos importan.

Me pareció, además, una buena forma de compartir sobre nuestro desarrollo, ideas y avances. Si tienen dudas o comentarios, simplemente escriban en nuestra página de Facebook o en alguno de los Twitters ( el mío y el de Totwise, que aún está dando sus primeros pasos).


Comentarios de Apoyo











¡Simplemente Gracias! Abductions es un juego que hacemos con mucho esfuerzo, y palabras como estas nos motivan día a día.


Fecha de Lanzamiento y Plataformas


Es una pregunta válida y comprensible, y aún así la odio. Perdón. Nuestro plan original era sacar el juego para pasada mitad de año del 2015. En el medio tuvimos que pausar el desarrollo varias veces. Mientras no tengamos una seguridad que nos permita sentarnos a dedicar full time nuestros días a un desarrollo planeado, esta pregunta es complicada.

Y no se crean que no le ponemos energía… En más de una ocasión, tanto yo como los chicos del equipo, pasamos días enteros a base de café, sin dormir y horarios. Hablamos de gente con familia, así que pueden ver que amamos este proyecto.

Solo puedo confirmarles que nuestro esfuerzo está enfocado a que el juego salga pronto, y que no pase rondando fin de este año o comienzos del próximo. Realmente, Abductions no está pensado para ser un desarrollo gigante, sino nuestro primer juego como estudio y sentar unas bases. Así que estirarnos demasiado iría en contra de nuestra idea. Tenemos mucho más en el horizonte, el mismo The Hum, las novelas y experiencia VR y no VR, pero hoy necesitamos enfocarnos en sobrevivir como estudio, y, como muchos sabrán, es una tarea difícil.

Respecto a las plataformas, PC es la obvia y confirmada. PC también significa un obligatorio de Steam. Playstation 4 es la otra plataforma que podemos confirmar.

Esperemos que pronto podamos contar con un apoyo financiero sólido lo que, además, nos traería más solidez en cuanto a fechas y compromisos. ¡Estamos dando lo mejor!


Silent Hills PT pero con Aliens



En Agosto del año pasado (2014), fui a la Gamescom (Alemania) a mostrar algunos prototipos de The Hum (The Alien Invasion Simulator). A la gente le gustaba, pero yo sabía que era un proyecto muy grande y muy ambicioso para una sola persona, incluso para un equipo chico. Ya de antes venía formulando la idea de hacer un proyecto más pequeño basado en el mismo universo, el universo The Hum que vengo creando hace años.

En la misma Gamescom, PT Demo se dio a conocer. Yo venía pensando hacer algo como Abductions, pero creía que iba a ser muy tonto o simple, ¿Por que hacer un juego chiquito que pudiera ser más un achviz que un juego completo? Me debatía si hacer un escenario pequeño, pero visualmente impactante y con gameplay de terror podía funcionar. Kojima y PT Demo sacaron cualquier duda. Así que tras la Gamescom, me puse a pensar como avanzar con eso.

Uno puede ver varia gente que se inspiró en la simple premisa de PT Demo (como la gente haciendo Allison Road, que nos encanta): una casa con buenos gráficos y algo de terror. Aunque la gameplay y la dirección de arte e incluso la ambientación no tiene porque ser siempre la misma. Una simple premisa, cuando es usada correctamente, suele marcar tendencia en la industria.


La Fobia, Los Grises



A veces recibo comentarios que dicen que el alien gris es más un muñequito simpático que algo que de miedo. “Te cagás más en las patas con un buen mounstruo lleno de sangre y pinches por todo el cuerpo”. No hay mucho que se pueda responder… está claro que no todos van a comprender lo que el terror a los extraterrestres significa. Para muchos, la simple imagen de un Gris genera escalofríos y un miedo insuperable.

Para toda esa gente, este juego va a significar mucho. Espero que sea para bien y que sepan que no están solos.


Sonido, y el “NO”, del trailer.




Cuando salió el primer trailer de Abductions, allá por Enero / Febrero, se trató de algo que hicimos en algunos pocos días para mostrar la idea mía del juego, ese juego de Extraterrestres y Abducciones inspirado en mi propia fobia y que sea un spinoff de todo el universo The Hum. Realmente.. lo hicimos con lo que teníamos a mano.

El famoso grito de Holly, el “NO”, que se repite incansablemente, no es ni más ni menos que un free sound de internet, cuya frase, si mal no recuerdo, decía algo así como “No, no me digas eso por favor!” (??). Así que con un poco de edición lo repetí varias veces para que entrara en el contexto del trailer.

Un tiempo después, nuestro Lead Audio Designer se unió al proyecto. Él simplemente nos mandó un video con su re-work de audio. Esa fue su carta de presentación. ¡Nos encantó! Sumado a su experiencia previa, fue una auto-adición al equipo. Este re-work fue hecho a su criterio, por lo que se pueden notar sonidos del estilo “mounstruo” o “licuosos” que no están dentro de la ambientación “alien” que uno teme y rompen un poco la inmersión. Pero fue un primer paso excelente para una colaboración mutua.

El diseño final de sonido va a estar supervisado de forma que la gente que odie y ame el tema extraterrrestre, no se sienta defraudada.




MC PHERSON y otras Inspiraciones


Esta claro que cualquier persona que tenga fobia a los extraterrestres, al menos alguan película traumática vió de chico. O no… siempre es posible que la fobia venga de abducciones reales.

Cualquiera sea el caso, una inspiración clara para Abductions es El Caso de la Familia Mc Pherson. Evite verla por años, mucha gente amiga o conocida (no siempre fanática de los aliens), me la mencionaba como algo que les arruinó el cerebro y que les evitó dormir por días. Al final la ví ya más de grande y.. si temés a los extraterrestres, es fuerte. Si te parecen graciosos.. supongo que es ridícula.

Otras inspiraciones claras: The War of the Worlds de HG Wells, Fire in the Sky, Close Encounters of the Third Kind y… muchas más.


Unreal Engine 4



Contrario a lo que dice el primer comment de la imagen, el “viejo” trailer de Abductions solo usa iluminación dinámica en Unreal Engine 4, no tiene global illumination y tampoco tiene rebote de luces con Baked Lightning.

De todas formas, es un enfoque que genera problemas de performance e, incluso, de calidad. Avanzamos mucho en el manejo del Unreal Engine 4 como equipo en los últimos meses y eso se va a ver reflejado en los resultados.

Respecto a la comparación entre Unreal Engine 4 y Fox Engine.. personalmente me es muy difícil hacerla, jamás metí mano a Fox Engine. Sí puedo decir que comparar lo que hizo un equipo de 20 personas en PT Demo (además.. ¡qué personas! Kojima Productions), con lo que hicimos sólo 2, en 10 días, quizás no es muy criterioso. Pero además de “wannabes”, tenemos el ideal de alcanzar un standard de calidad. Es nuestro sueño ser maestros Pokemon que nuestro equipo alcance niveles similares o mejores a los mejores del mundo. Unreal Engine 4 es indudablemente un motor que en manos de quien sabe, puede dar demasiado (y por eso lo amamos).




извините за скучным


Va a haber una demo? El cliente de The Hum Universe es una mierda.


Es posible que haya una demo de Abductions, pero, por la naturaleza del juego (corto, escenario chico, narrativo, etc), es difícil pensar una demo que haga justicia y que no te cuente demasiado al mismo tiempo. Estamos igualmente pensando en liberar una demo al público más adelante.

Respecto al cliente de The Hum Universe… realmente tuvimos bastantes problemas con él. Nuestra idea era hacer las cosas más fáciles y nos salió el tiro por la culata. Todo es experiencia, y vamosa  mejorarlo hasta que sientan felicidad extrema por el simple hecho de darle click al icono del mismo.



Ojalá algún millonario nos dijera esto…


 Un Gran Equipo


¡Gracias! Abductions avanza gracias a un gran esfuerzo de un pequeño equipo, no solo mío. ¡Así que el mérito a ellos!