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Clicking for bring Aliens to E3! Strategy guide for IndieClicker

In the last months, I found that social media is an incredible good tool for helping indie people like us. Even if we have confident in our project, somethings that’s not enought, you need a community behind you! It’s, also, super encouraging to see people talking about your game and asking “please” to seeing it finally released.

Two days ago, one of Abductions Fans shared to me about IndieCrashE3, and since then, there is a lot of people helping Abductions to go E3! Many people is asking how to help, and the best strategies for clicking.

Here my humble opinions!

First, if you want to help (of course you want, right? RIGHT?), go to this link:


  • Click support
  • Use a real email please.
  • Go to the link they will send to you in your email. That link is your personal (remember, only for you), link where to play.

The mechanics are very simple. Click, Click, click and unlock upgrades to make your clicks more valuable. Very similar to Cookie Clicker, Kitty Clicker and many others. But here, the points you make will add to the common stack for Abdcutions!

When the deadline ends (26th April), the top scored games, will receive a complete passage and costs for E3 2015!!! Is that true or just a bait for people? It’s true, I could confirm it, since a friend of mine and algo game developer, went to 2013 E3 being top 5 in this same challenge.

Tips and Strategy:

In the forums and communities where we are receiving help (THANKS SO MUCH PROJECT GUMER!), we were shaping a good strategy

  • Don’t bother looking for cheats. The main logic is in the server, and there is a recurrent captcha (30-60 min delay) asking if you are a human. Also.. it’s not too much honest and cool using cheats… we want to go to E3 playing fair!
  • Focus on upgrades for gems first. Don’t sell your gems like crazy in Trophies. Save them and upgrade the “gem getters”.
  • Then, buy automatons and upgrade automatons.
  • More close you are to the deadline date, more worthless the automaton are, so that’s the time when you start selling your gems (that you are receiving in big packages thanks to the first upgrades).

Please, remember to share about this with your friends and groups!

Let’s make The Hum go ahead one more time together!