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Because Rain loves Mysteries

Hey my human friends!

We missed our post update the last Friday. But for us, the people without weekends, Mondays and Fridays are basically the same. And that’s why, instead of waiting to the next Friday for an update for this DevBlog, we are just posting something quick today.

While Eliseo and Ariel, our two human Developers are diving into C++ trying to make some magic happens, the other earthlings in the team were doing different stuff from the art side. And one of those stuff is what we want to share with you today.

Rain over the Windows

First, a video.


As you can see, the video shows not other thing than a rain effect with rain drop over the windows running inside the Unreal Engine 4 Editor. When we decided that a rainy scene in Abductions would be cool enough for one part of the game, we put a generic Rain FX we found over there. Then Mauricio just panicked with the idea of having that rain effect as a final art and spent a couple of hours doing something really better.

His technique is actually pretty simple. He made a Rain Drop “animated movie” with AfterEffects. He exported that as an animated texture and then he made a material with that animated texture plus some normal and reflection maps. That, with the addition of a particle system for the actual rain made a really nice effect. I’m pretty sure that Mauricio will change it tons of times before consider the effect as a final version to use, but we wanted to share it anyways!


Of course, a good rain is never completed with the corresponding Rain Sound Effect that Jonathan Wachoru did for the occasion. We are creating a nice sound system but that’s for another post!