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The Hum Game

The Hum Universe is collection of games and books, all set within the same fictional universe that I have been creating since my childhood. Initially it had other names (or not name at all), but in 2014 I started to create a alien invasion survival game called The Hum and it started to have the lore of my universe. That’s why, I now call it all together The Hum Universe.

In this universe I’m making: a series of written storiesvideo games, virtual reality experiences and a tabletop role playable game. It’s my DREAM to be able to release all of these at some point.

Currently my main focus is on The Hum:Alien Invasion Survival Game, a survival game setup in the aftermath of an alien invasion.

Another game I started but put on hold is The Hum:Abductions. While Abductions is paused, it’s part of this dream!


What is the The Hum:Alien Invasion Survival Game about?

I take the survival inspiration from games like The Forest, The Long Dark and Subnautica. But while those games are sometimes heavily based on open places like landscapes or ocean, The Hum also includes urban environments and they are an important part of the game.

While some survival mechanics are still evolving and being decided, one thing is for sure: the stars of the game will be the aliens, the spaceships: the AI. I want to make them feel believable and natural, because they are not monsters after all.. but intelligent advanced races.

You’ll see different types of aliens and ships. Maybe some are even slaves of others? Maybe they are not bad but just don’t care about inferior beings like us? Or maybe they have a very complex agenda that we will struggle to follow? All this lore is something that I want also to evolve and make interesting to play and discover.

Aliens also will have a hierarchy command. The mother ship will be on the top of that hierarchy, and it will use beams to command other aliens, send drones, ships and of course, make The Hum sounds all over the planet. What will happen every time this sound is heard?